Cool fun New App for Airport waits & layovers.

Find someone to share a coffee and chat at the Airport, swop a book or share a cab.

Compose a digital paperairplane

Compose a digital paperairplane note of your choice be it to share a coffee, lunch, play cards, swop a book or take in some sightseeing with a fellow traveler.

App works for all Major Airports

App works for all major International Airports, traveling alone find someone for a chat and drink. The app helps you get offline and meet up with people, to share a fun activity or swop a book or magazine as you wait at any International Airport.

Make layovers

Send a digital paperairplane with a message as you wait for a flight. It’s time to get offline and talk. Makes layovers fun.

Sample PaperAirplanez Message

user photo

Anyone free to join me for a coffee right now? Starbucks JFK Departure gate B54

user photo

Hi I have a bunch of women’s magazines and a book (Chris Hadfield and Astronauts guide to life), anyone care to swop some magazines or a book?

Coming soon

Paper Airplanez

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